Cycle to Work

Cycling to work quickly builds fitness, cuts down on commuting costs and lets you ride your bike instead of queuing in traffic or travelling on packed public transport. You can save even more by joining a Cycle to Work scheme, but how exactly does it all work? Here, we explain the benefits of taking part:

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What Is A Cycle To Work Scheme?

The government’s Green Transport Plan lets employers provide bikes, clothing and safety equipment to employees as a tax-free benefit. The employer buys the bike and cycle gear at the retail price. The employee then recovers this cost by hiring the bike and cycle gear, usually over a period of 12 months.

How Can You Benefit?

The hire charge is equivalent to the cost of the bike and cycle gear, and is paid via salary sacrifice. This means that you benefit from Income Tax and National Insurance exemption on your sacrificed salary. Joining a Cycle to Work scheme can save you at least 25%, compared to paying the hire charge out of your already-taxed earnings.

We accept vouchers from all of the leading Cycle to Work scheme providers, including:

Cycle Scheme
Bikes for Staff
Halfords Cycle 2 Work
Cycle Plus
Bike 2 Work

If you have any Cycle to Work scheme questions, please contact Miles Elliott at or on 01666 718470.