Electric bikes, or e-bikes, are everywhere these days and they’re only getting more popular. For people who want a little help up hills, need to keep themselves fresh on the commute, or could just do with some extra speed and endurance, our electric bikes are the real deal. You can select the level of assist that the motor gives you so you can save the battery for when you really need it and still burn calories.


There’s an electric bike for every occasion: for commuting or riding about town our electric urban bikes or electric folding bikes are the perfect choice; for mountain bikers that want to save their energy for the downhills, the electric mountain bikes we have will ease the strain up the climbs; and if you’re a roadie that wants to go a bit further or faster, our electric road bikes will do the trick. Advancements in technology and design over the past few years mean that electric bikes really live up to the hype around them; they’re lighter, smaller and more efficient than they ever have been so you’d better get one now before all your friends do.

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We have the best electric mountain bikes, electric urban bikes and electric road bikes from Cannondale, Cube and more. We also have a selection of Brompton electric folding bikes designed for those looking to master the city commute. E-bikes incorporate electric motors to help you achieve your goals in the most energy-efficient way, regardless of if you’re looking to exercise, travel or save on petrol! Need a little assistance? Our experts in store will be more than happy to offer advice to ensure that you find the right model for you.