With longer days and warmer weather, the summer is the perfect time to start cycling after work.

Here are the four major benefits to getting on your bike after work and going for a quick loop around your local roads or woods.


Time is a precious thing and with the busy strains of everyday life, knowing how to utilise your time effectively means more efficient training. . Using the summer months to cycle after work means you can fit more training into your schedule.


Mark Yeoman, British Triathlon Coach and founder of Viceroys Triathlon club and mySMARTcoach, swears by his after work cycle; “being a full-time teacher, I have to fit in a strict training plan around my life – I couldn’t do it without cycling after work.”


Whether you’re training for a triathlon, a 1000km ultra-cycling mega race, or to beat your mates around your local circuit, cycling a loop after work will give you the extra hours in the saddle to give you the gains you need.

It’s also great motivation for getting out there instead of spending all evening putting it off. Some of the more popular climbs and backroads are quieter after work allowing you to go at your own pace without being held up (or holding others up).


Get to Know Your Colleagues

Since the cycling boom of 2012, the sport has rapidly increased in popularity so chances are you’ll find an avid roadie or mountain biker in the office or workplace. Going for a ride after work is a great way to get to know colleagues building work relationships.

At CycleSurgery we actively encourage post-work rides, and as Mike our product content executive excitedly sums it up “post work riding is the best thing ever”, “the smiles and vibes” are reason enough!  Endorphin release


After a stressful day at work, going for a ride is the perfect activity to let go of the anxiety built up at work and help you relax before going home.

Whether you’re already an enthusiast, or are at the beginning of your cycling journey, riding after work has tonnes of body benefits like increasing fitness, strength, and more importantly put you in a happy mood. The endorphin release  will send you home in a better mood, giving you a positive energy that is second to none.

Make The Most of The British Summer

British summer might not always give us the heatwave we’re after but generally we get a few months to enjoy the warmer (but not always dry) weather. So make the most of any sunny evenings you can, you definitely won’t regret it once the rain comes at the weekend.