5 Qs for Olympic gold medallist Ed Clancy


In the build up to one of London’s oldest and most iconic track cycling competitions, the Good Friday Meeting on 3rd April, we asked two-time Olympic gold medallist and event Ambassador Ed Clancy for his secrets to cycling success:




[1] What are your top winter training tips?

There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad kit. Wrap up and be prepared for the rain. Mudguards are not always seen as cool, but they do keep your arse dry! Don’t train without a goal – have a countdown and an outcome to stay motivated.


[2] How do you prepare on race day?

Before, have a good carbohydrate meal. During the race try to consume 50g of carbs per hour (seed bars are good for this).

After the ride and before you clean your bike have a protein drink. Before big races, I close my eyes and visualise what’s coming up.








[3] Where do you like to ride in the UK?

Around where I live and grew up, in Yorkshire and the Peak District. It’s special because the scenery is spectacular, the rides testing and the road conditions generally quite good.


[4] When did you discover your passion for cycling?

It all started on a plastic tractor with pedals. It was the best Christmas present ever. I properly got into cycling when my dad gave me my first BMX. I haven’t looked back since!


[5] What are your top tips for new cyclists?

You’ll put in more effort if you enjoy it, so try every cycling discipline and see what suits you. There are some great opportunities to try cycling at the Good Friday Meeting!