Brazil is known for many things, its vast Amazonian rainforests, golden sand beaches, not to mention holding the most famous carnivals in the world, but one thing you may not associate with Brazil is adventure cycling.

Urban cycling has always been viewed as a convenient mode of transport in Brazil and in recent years the infrastructure for cycling has seen major improvement. So much so, Rio featured in The Copenhagenize Index Bicycle Friendly Cities, in 2013, as the world’s most comprehensive inventory and ranking of bicycle friendly cities. The mix of buzzing, cycle-friendly metropolis, deserted beaches stretching for miles, and beautiful mountain ranges make for the ultimate destination for your next cycling adventure. Here are the five most exciting adventure cycling routes in Brazil.

The Serramar Mountain Range

This route will take you from Petropolis to Buzios on a four day, mountainous cycling adventure. Cycling roughly 50km a day, the first distance will be cycled through countryside to the city of Teresópolis, where beautiful views of the Serramar Mountain Range can be had. The next day, you can trek the Serra dos Orgãos National Park, boasting impressive rock formations and lush forests. The second day of cycling takes you along the first road in Brazil to be paved with recycled tires – one of the many efforts Brazil is taking in becoming more sustainable. After a stay in Cachoeira de Macacu the route takes you to the quiet village of Sana before embarking down the Golden Coast to of Rio to the bustling town of Buzios.



The Olympic Road Race Route

Greatly anticipated, the 2016 Rio Olympic road race route has been released and proves to be a demanding race. The official route stretches 256.5km and has some challenging hill sections that would make for a great cycling adventure. Starting in Flamengo Park the route takes you past the iconic Copacabana area,  incorporating the Grumari Climb with an average gradient of 7% and the Grota Funda climb which averages 4.5%. The route then carries on to the Conoas/Vista circuit where an 8.9km climb awaits and a fast 6km decent into a 20km flat to the finish. A route that can be completed in one day for the advanced cyclist or broken up into two for a great achievement.



Blue Coast Adventure

The Blue Coast of Rio runs from Niteroi to Buzios and offers fantastic views in every direction. This three to four-day trip will take you through the Guanabara Bay and along the Darwin Route passing through Atlantic forests, beautiful beaches, and turquoise lagoons. This cycling adventure ends in the idyllic resort of Buzios.



Coastal Road to Rio

Taking 5 days to complete, this coastal route runs from Guaruja to the old pirate town of Paraty where miles of deserted, golden beaches are in abundance and epic views are around every turn. An average of 55km is cycled per day making it  a good challenge for the intermediate rider.


Curtibia To Rio De Janeiro

This is the longest of the five routes listed in this blog and spans 886km from the cultural and economic centre of Curitiba to the buzzing metropolis of Rio. Riding an average of 80km per day, the trip will take 11 to 12 days to complete and is ideal for those wanting to take on a real challenge to test  their fitness and stamina. Taking on the rural and hilly areas between Curitiba and Sao Paolo, the days in the saddle are hard but full of rewarding views, with the anticipation of reaching the thrilling city of Sao Paolo. After Sao Paolo the route takes an inland turn through the Parque Nacional do Itatiaia before following the road into Rio de Janerio.

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