We offer a comprehensive range of servicing options to help keep your bike in tip-top condition.

Bikes are machines. Awesome machines. And they deserve proper care and attention - they should be serviced regularly to keep them operating smoothly, and to reduce wear and tear. This can save you money in the long run and avoid big repair bills from prematurely worn out components.

How often should I have my bike serviced?

"How often you should service a bike depends entirely on how often, how aggressively and in what weather conditions you ride. For someone that only rides in the summer months and in good weather a couple of times a week, a General Service should be sufficient twice a year. If you’re a more powerful, rider that rides in all conditions throughout the year, then servicing four times a year, sometimes a little more, and at regular intervals will help maintain the bike in tip top condition”


- Steve Richards, Store Manager, Cycle Surgery Kings Cross

Expert bicycle technicians

Our workshops are certified by Cytech - an internationally recognised accreditation body and training provider for bicycle technicians, so you can rest assured that your bike is in expert hands.

Service options


Bring your bike into one of our stores and we'll give it a free visual health check to identify any potential problems.


Our basic check and tune covers all major components, including gears and brakes, to ensure your bike rides safely. 


Your Check & Tune service will include:

  • Gears: checked and adjusted
  • Brakes: checked and adjusted
  • Cables checked for damage
  • Tyres: checked for wear/damage and inflated
  • Headset: adjusted and bolts re-torqued
  • Frame: cleaned and checked for damage
  • All components and accessories checked for secure fit

From £30.00


As well as valuable maintenance work, our General Service includes a thorough clean and de-grease of the bike, leaving it looking and running like new. 


Your General service will include everything in the Check & Tune plus:

  • Drivetrain removed, cleaned and re-fitted
  • Brake surfaces/rotors inspected and cleaned
  • Brakes: operation and wear checked, brakes balanced and cleaned
  • Wheels: cleaned and trued

From £60.00


A Full Service is recommended twice a year to prolong the life of your bike and keep it running smoothly.


Your Full service will include everything from the General Service plus:

  • Headset: removed, checked and refitted with fresh grease
  • Bottom bracket: removed, checked and refitted with fresh grease
  • Inner cables replaced (gear and brake)
  • Wheels: hubs checked and adjusted

From £90


Our most comprehensive servicing option. An Ultimate Advantage Bike Service includes a complete strip down and re-build of the bike by one of our expert technicians, as well as a thorough clean and de-grease. 


Your Ultimate Advantage Service will include everything in the Full Service plus:

  • Gears: Inner and outer cables replaced
  • Brakes

              - Mechanical: inner and outer cables replaced

              - Hyrdraulic: bled

  • Wheels: hubs stripped and reassembled with fresh grease
  • Bar tape replaced

From £120


We aim to offer same day services, but if we do need to spend more time on your bike we’ll give you a call to let you know. 


We'll remove your forks and send them away for servicing by an appropriate partner or manufacturer. Then refit them for you. This service is charged in line with the external servicing agent's fee plus £30 for removal, postage, refitting and adjustment.


No job is too big or too small. If you're tight on time, our mechanics can help you with basic tasks including gear cable fitting, brake bleeding, headset replacement and pannier rack fitting. 


Standard wheel building prices are listed on the Workshop Services Price Guide, however prices may vary for specialist wheels (e.g. aero, downhill, BMX, Brompton etc.)


Please Note - Additional labour will be charged for removal, fitting the wheel to the bike and any necessary brake and gear adjustment. Wheels built involving custom spoke cutting are priced by arrangement.

Price list

A full list of prices for our servicing options can be found here.

Book in for a service

Our workshops are very busy, so although you can turn up on the day, we recommend calling and booking before bringing your bike in. You can find contact details for your local Cycle Surgery store here


We kindly ask you to collect your bike on the day that the service or repair is completed. Alternatively, you can pay a storage charge of £10 per day.

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