Brand new - Brompton nickel edition



We’re proud to announce the new Brompton Nickel Edition, has landed at today! With only 1500 made make sure you get this striking masterpiece at CycleSurgery first.


What's All The Fuss About?

Innovative, handmade and fundamentally practical, Brompton are the pioneers of how a folding bike should be made and how one should ride. Changing the way people ride and store bikes in cities, Brompton have engineered a unique folding bike that has captured the eccentricities of quintessential Britishness since 1975. Now, 41 years after the first bike was designed and built, Brompton are introducing their most exclusive, elegant, and technically advanced edition so far – the Nickel Edition.

Nickel Plating

The Brompton Nickel Edition is flawlessly finished with polished 50 micron high-phosphorus electroless nickel plating, giving the frame a stunning and unique finish that is like nothing else on the road. The exceptional nickel finish is not, however, only for the striking looks; as it provides fantastic anti-corrosion resistance, normally kept for mining and deep-sea drilling equipment. This Nickel Edition is equipped with Brompton’s ‘Black Edition’ components including an anodised black  seatpost, crank, pedals, rims and spokes for a truly sleek look in the urban jungle.



Handlebar Options

Brompton are offering the Nickel Edition in three of their handlebar types – S, M and H, and with a 2 speed or 6 speed Sturmey Archer hub option giving a wide range of choice for many different riding demands.



Brompton’s most aggressive position, the S-type handlebar is ideal for those wanting a fast commute and sail past the morning traffic.


For those who require a more upright ride, the H-type handlebar offers a comfortable riding position without jeopardising agility though the city.



Brompton’s classic handlebar shape, the M-Type is the ‘all-rounder’, suitable for every situation.



The Nickel Edition is Brompton’s most exclusive edition to date with only 1500 models being made making it as rare as the coating it is finished in.

Be the envy of your fellow commuters with this masterpiece combining industrial utility and utter elegance.

Brompton Nickel Edition