Investing in a bike computer can take your training to the next level, give you vital information on your performance and introduce you to a social community of like-minded riders. But with a market seemingly flooded with cutting edge technology, it takes something special to really stand out from the crowd. Wahoo’s new ELEMNT offering definitely delivers that in plentiful supply.

Perhaps more well-known for their very high-quality and ‘smart’ home trainers, Wahoo have been in the performance statistic game long enough to assert their authority. The ELEMNT, the first 100% wireless GPS bike computer allows the whole set-up process to be complete through the ease of your smart phone platform – all you will need to do is download the free ELEMNT Companion App and you will be able to configure and personalise the whole set-up from your phone (compatible with iPhone 4S or newer and most Android devices running version 4.3 or newer). The ELEMNT boasts simplicity right from the off – from set-up, right through to using the device on the bike, a USP that they have got just right. Using a zoom in and zoom out system to view 2-10 data fields, you can customise and alter what you view on the device mid-ride with ease. Dedicated pages for every part of your ride is also another great feature of this device, enabling you to turn the page over to a climbing page, lap page and map page meaning you never miss a cue on your ride.

The ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer

An extremely innovative feature to the new ELEMNT are the Quicklook Indicators on the side and top edges of the unit. These LED indicators display zone/intensity information and allow you to gauge your current speed, power and heartrate zone and compare them to your ride average. This is just one way that Wahoo are looking at bike computers in a completely unique and innovative way.


  • LiveTrack – Look for other like-minded riders nearby on the same Wahoo platform or friends and family can remotely track long rides.
  • Smart Buttons – User friendly buttons, even with gloves on, allows riders to quickly move between pages.
  • Text & Phone Alerts – On-screen notifications of texts, calls and even emails make the ELEMNT truly smart.
  • Email integrations – Easily send routes directly to the device via email from a smartphone or computer means no fiddly planning on the device itself.
  • Map optimisation – the Wahoo ELEMNT has a fantastic array of maps pre-loaded onto the device of almost every country in the world and boasts wireless integration onto Strava and Ride With GPS.