Brompton's new electric folding bike helps you to get there quicker and arrive fresher


Brompton’s new electric offering helps you to hack the city’s transport network, making it work for you

Just when you thought Brompton couldn't get any smarter with their bike design, they go and do this: the Brompton Electric - a bike designed to change cities.


Engineered in partnership with Williams Racing, the Brompton Electric uses a custom-developed, downsized Formula E powertrain to deliver 250W of assisted pedalling via a compact front hub motor. There are four modes to choose from ranging from no assistance at all (the bike rides smoothly without the battery) right through to full-assistance, which maxes out at the 15.5mph UK cut-off speed for power-assisted bikes.

“There are an awful lot of synergies between Williams and Brompton and the requirements for the Brompton Electric – designing a lightweight, high performance, electric motor – was right in our core capabilities.”


Craig Wilson, Managing Director of Williams Advanced Engineering

Fly up hills. Feel like every ride has a tailwind. See more. Do more. Arrive fresh and on time, every time.

Brompton's new electric folding bike can be fully charged in as little as two hours

The detachable battery weighs just 2.9kg and is easily carried in a typically stylish Brompton shoulder bag. It can be fully charged in as little as two and a half hours, features a handy USB port for charging mobile devices, and offers a range of 25-50 miles depending on the rider and environmental factors.

Brompton Electric Behind the Scenes

The Brompton Electric folds down to the same size as a regular Brompton

The Brompton Electric folds down to the same compact 23” x 22.2” x 10.6” size as a regular Brompton and is available with either a standard, extended, or telescopic seatpost to accommodate riders of all sizes. Choose from 2-speed and 6-speed models, finished in either Gloss Black or Gloss White with distinctive ‘electric blue’ detailing. 

Brompton Electric First Reactions

Brompton electric bike price

Prices range from £2,595 to £2,755 depending on your choice of gearing. 


Optional extras:

Commuter bag (20 litres): £130

Fast charger (80% charge in 1.5-2 hours, 100% in 2.5-3 hours): £115

Extra battery: £450

Great! How do I get my hands on one?

The Brompton Electric is new, so new that it’s not actually available yet. But you can try it exclusively at our Camden, Bishops Square and Victoria stores right now. Simply call in advance or speak to a member of staff.


And if a demo ride gets your electric juices flowing, you can place a reservation on the Brompton website and be the first to get your hands on one when they land in early 2018.

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