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How To Clean Your Bike

Cleaning your bike on a regular basis will keep dirt and debris at bay and make sure it is spotless, looking its best and running smoothly on every ride. There are heaps of specially formulated bike cleaning products on offer that will make the job quick and simple and will help to protect your bike and all of its components from the elements, whether you’re on the road or trails.


Here is our quick guide on which cleaning products will keep your bike looking spic and span and how to use them...


Bike Cleaning Products Checklist

Make sure you have these essential bike cleaning products to hand to make sprucing up your bike quick and easy...




Bike wash products are designed to break down and loosen any dirt that is on your bike without damaging the components or paintwork. Some come in an easy to use spray bottle that you can apply directly, whereas some are concentrated so will need diluting with water and applied with a sponge.


Just a standard bucket will do, or if your have a hose pipe with a gentle spray attachment, even better. Avoid using a pressure washer as this can force dirt into delicate parts of the bike or remove essential grease and lube. 




There are many different bike cleaning brushes on the market all designed to reach different areas of the bike. At a minimum you’ll need a big soft bristled brush to remove the easy to get to dirt from the bike frame and wheels and a smaller firm bristled brush to scrub the hard to reach areas. 


Bike degreasers are designed to break down any dirt or grime on the bike chain and chainset. Simply spray the degreaser on and let it work for a few minutes before scrubbing the dirty grease and oil away. 


A chain cleaner is an ingenious tool that helps to get your chain really clean with minimal effort. Simply clip the device around the chain, activate the aerosol and turn the pedals. The chain will pass through the tool and be sprayed and brushed at the same time to remove any dirt or muck.


It’s important to keep your bike chain well lubricated to ensure smooth pedaling and efficient rolling. Here are the three most common chain lubes and their uses:

  • Dry Lubes - Good for dry, dusty conditions
  • Wet Lubes - Good for wet and muddy conditions
  • All Round Lubes - Good for all weather conditions


To keep your bike looking shiny and to protect the frame and components, use a specially formulated bike finishing spray. This will repel any leftover moisture from cleaning and apply a very thin, non-sticky protective layer all over your bike. A word of warning though, don’t spray this on any of your tyres or braking surfaces, especially disk brakes.

Quick Bike Wash Tips

Now that you have all of your bike cleaning essentials, here is a quick guide on how to use them to best effect. Everyone has their own way of cleaning their bike so this process is by no means set in stone;  have a play and find a routine that works best for you...


  1. Secure the bike in a bike work stand or balance it in an upright position.
  2. Apply degreaser to the mechs, the front chainset and chainrings, the chain and the rear wheel sprockets. Leave to work.
  3. Spray the bike with bike cleaning fluid and gently brush to loosen the dirt or apply with a sponge and wipe down.
  4. Work your way from top to bottom starting with the seat and handlebars, then the frame.
  5. Remove the front wheel and clean the tyre, rims, spokes and hub.
  6. Clean the front forks and front brakes.
  7. Remove the back wheel and clean the tyre, rims, spokes, hub and cassette.
  8. Clean the rear end of the bike frame as well as the brakes, rear mech and chainrings, crank arms and pedals.
  9. Put the wheels back on.
  10. Clean the chain using a special chain cleaning device or a sponge.
  11. Fully rinse the bike and wheels with clean water using a hose or bucket of water and sponge to remove any soap or cleaning residue.
  12. Oil the chain, rear sprockets, front and rear mechs with a specially formulated chain lubricant.
  13. Use a finishing bike spray to help remove any leftover moisture and to apply a protective layer, but be careful not to spray this on any braking surfaces including disk brakes, disk brake pads or your tyres.
  14. Stand back and admire your good work and super clean bike!