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From time to time, your bike will need a bit of TLC as parts age and breakdown, you pick up a puncture or parts become loose after a big day on the trails. Here at Cycle Surgery we offer a comprehensive list of bike repair and maintenance services at our in-store workshops to help get you back on the road and trails quick smart. However, there are a few jobs that you might want to take on yourself so it’s handy to have a good range of bike tools to hand to get the job done with ease. 

Bike Tools to Take With You on Every Ride

A broken bike needn't be the end of a great day’s riding. Making sure you are prepared for the most common bike breakdowns will help you to get back up and rolling again in no time. Don’t be the cyclist that has to rely on others to get them out of a hole in the middle of nowhere and instead cycle with a saddle bag full of the essential tools. And be prepared to help others too. If you see a fellow rider trying to repair their bike, say hi and check that they are ok and have everything they need, it’s friendly and you never know when you might need a helping hand yourself!


There are lots of bike repair gadgets and gizmos available on the market, but as none of us want to carry around everything and the kitchen sink on every ride, here are seven bike repair essentials that we think you should never leave home without...


One of the most obvious things to take with you on a ride, a puncture repair kit. Punctures are frustrating and unpredictable so carry a full patch and glue set if weight and time aren’t an issue or glueless quick stick patches are great for when you’re in a hurry. 


Whether you need to top up your tyre pressures or are tending to a puncture, a small trail hand pump is essential. There are many sizes available depending on how much space you have on the bike and lightweight options are great for longer rides.


These small pressurised gas canisters will dispense air through a special head adaptor and inflate a flat tyre in super quick time. Just make sure you have a full canister before setting off to avoid disappointment!


In the event of a puncture, you may have to remove your tyre from the wheel to inspect the damage and replace or repair the inner tube. Make sure you have a minimum of two to three tyre levers to help you prise the tyre off the wheel rim and put it back on again.


A broken chain usually means the end of your ride. However, carrying a small spare chain link could save the day. Simply insert the chain link at the break to get the drive chain moving again.


It is not always possible to repair a punctured inner tube so always make sure you carry at least one brand new spare tube that is the correct style and size for your wheels and tyres. 


A multi tool does exactly what it says on the tin. Whether you need to tighten a loose bolt, adjust your shoe cleats, break a chain or even open a bottle of beer, a good multitool will have a gadget for the job!


Bike Tools For The Workshop / Shed / Garage

There are some bike repair and maintenance jobs that you just can’t do on the side of the road or on the trail, so keep these tools in the shed or garage at home to make sure your bike is in tip top condition and any repairs can be carried out in good time before your next ride.


Much larger than a hand pump, a high quality track pump will provide quick tyre inflation and an accurate gauge of pressure so you can make sure your tyres are at the optimum setting for the riding conditions before you set off. 


A bike work stand is an essential tool for any big bike repairs or maintenance jobs and is also really useful for bike cleaning. It will securely hold the bike at eye level so that you have the freedom to work on the bike comfortably and move around the whole frame.



Regular cleaning will keep your bike operating smoothly and efficiently and make it look spic and span for longer. There are many specially formulated bike cleaning products on the market which will quickly strip dirt and debris without damaging the frame or components. Read our Bike Cleaning Guide for more advice on what cleaning products to have and how to use them. 


Keep your chain running smoothly with a good quality chain lubricant. There are many different options available and you can opt for wet or dry bike lubes depending on the prevailing weather conditions.


Having a good range of bike tools including spanners, crank remover, spoke tool, chain tools, pedal wrench, hex key set and screw drivers will ensure that you can tend to most of the basic bike maintenance and repair jobs that might crop up.

Professional Bike Servicing and Repair

There are many bike repair and maintenance jobs that you will probably feel very comfortable carrying out yourself and with the right bike tools to hand, most things are fairly straightforward. However, for the more complicated jobs, it’s a good idea to get them done by a professional bike mechanic as mistakes can be costly. We have bike workshops in all of our Cycle Surgery stores and our Cytech certified mechanics are well equipped to get your bike serviced and repaired in good time. Take a look at our Bike Service and Repair Price Guide for more information. 

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