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Getting to work by bike has many great benefits; fresh air, exercise, fun and it can be quicker than driving and cheaper too. But the urge to just roll out of bed and step inside your warm or air conditioned car can be just too tempting at times, so make sure you have the best bike to suit your journey and you’ll be dying to get out on your bike every day! 

Finding the right style of bike for your commute can be a bit confusing, but here at Cycle Surgery our experts are well equipped to advise you on the best options. Here is a brief overview of some of the best types of commuting bikes for you to consider....

Types of Commuting Bikes


Good for: Mixed terrain | Comfort | Riding on busy roads

Price Range: £275 - £1200

Brands: Whyte, Giant, Charge, Trek, Specialized


Hybrid Bikes, as their name suggests, combine mountain bike and road bike characteristics so you can travel at speed but also cover mixed terrain on your journey, whether it’s tarmac, gravel, grass or even a bit of mud. With a comfortable upright position, Hybrid Bikes are stable and easy to ride but their large 700c road bike wheels and lightweight frames assist a speedy get-away when required. The tyres are semi-slick to provide some grip on rough terrain but not limit power on the smooth stuff. Plus, if you fancy a bit of leisure riding with family or friends around the park at the weekend, a hybrid bike will provide you with lots of fun and keep you rolling whichever path you choose to explore.




Good for: Tarmac | Speed | Riding on busy roads

Price Range: £230 - £1600
Brands: Whyte, Giant, Specialized, Trek, Cube


If you are mainly riding on hard surfaces such as roads or tarmac cycle paths and want a bike that is fast but a bit more comfortable to ride than a Sportive Road Bike, a Flat Bar Road Bike could be just the ticket. By removing the drop bar typically found on a Sportive Road Bike, a Flat Bar city bike has a more upright position to give you a better view of the road ahead but still has all of the lightweight benefits of a Sportive Bike including skinny tyres, large 700c road wheels, stiffer forks and lots of gears, to help you get from A to B in super quick time. Flat Bar Bikes can also be great for fitness training and leisure rides.



Good for: Taking on public transport | Easy storage | Riding around busy towns | Short journeys

Price Range: £800 - £2000

Brands: Brompton


The ultimate in commuting convenience, Folding Bikes give you the freedom to travel to work on two wheels without the worry of not getting your bike onto the train or bus. Plus, their compact size means storage in the office is made simple. Our high quality Folding Bikes are comfortable to ride and are built to meet the demands of a busy daily commute. They typically have much smaller wheels but a semi-slick tyre will get you over most terrain and help you speed through the city traffic. 




Good for: Mixed terrain | Speed | Help up the hills | Long Journeys

Price Range: £2000 - £3600

Brands: Scott, Whyte


The popularity of Electric Bikes is growing quickly as the technology becomes more efficient and the batteries become smaller and lighter. E-bikes are designed to boost your natural pedalling power so they look and feel like a standard Hybrid or Flat Bar Road Bike but you can achieve higher speeds with less effort - perfect for a fun, sweat-free journey into the office! 




Commuter Vs Sportive Road Bike for Commuting

We are often asked what the difference is between a commuter bike and a standard Sportive Road Bike. The main difference is that commuter bikes typically have a more upright riding position so that you can better see the road ahead and other vehicles around you. Commuter bikes will also have wider tyres than a road bike to provide a bit more stability and, depending on the type of commuter bike you are looking at, the ability to cover rough terrain whether it’s a cycle path, gravel path or bridleway. Road bikes are very much built for speed and as such have slimline, aerodynamic frames, whereas a commuter bike will be a bit more robust and able to carry your panniers, luggage and even a child seat. Road bikes will handle hills and strong headwinds a bit better than a commuter bike but if your journey is fairly flat, a commuter bike will be just fine. 



Other features to make your commute a breeze...




If, like most cycling commuters, you have lots to carry on your journey, you might want to consider adding some useful storage packs to your bike. There are plenty of styles and sizes to choose from including pannierssaddle bags and baskets and the benefit of carrying your stuff on the bike is that you don’t then need to haul a cumbersome backpack or messenger bag around with you.




Some bikes come with mudguards as standard but if you don’t have them already fitted, they are a great addition to any commuter bike. Whether you are on the road or off it, mud and water spray will leave you with a soggy behind, so keep the dirt at bay and arrive at the office cleaner and fresher than before.



If you are planning to buy a bike to commute to work on, take a look at the UK’s Cycle to Work Scheme which could save you hundreds of pounds on a new bike. Simply put, your boss buys the bike and you pay it off monthly from your gross salary meaning you save on income tax and national insurance. Read our Cycle to Work Scheme Guide to find out more. 



Need More Advice on Commuter Bikes? We're Here to Help


Pop into one of our Cycle Surgery Stores to see our extensive range of commuter bikes and chat to our expert staff to find out more about the different styles and brands. We all love cycling here too so we’re happy to help you get out on two wheels and find the best bike for your journey and cycling activities. 

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