Mugs + Cup and Saucer


The words ‘cycling’ and ‘coffee’ are muttered a lot throughout CycleSurgery HQ – in fact it seems to be the two main topics of conversations. This has sparked a friendly debate on how the two industries work so harmoniously together and how cycling and coffee, for years, have undoubtedly gone hand-in-hand.

It is true that cycling and coffee have been linked, almost since the ‘riding a bike’ scene became famous. Throughout many, many years of the Tour de France, the two seemed to naturally gravitate towards each other resulting in synergistic sponsorship and advertising.


This synergy has been greatly seen in the road cycling world with the likes of the Federacion de Cafeteros de Colombia sponsoring a Latin American cycling team in the 1990’s and the Café de Colombia team’s Luis Herrera winning the Vuelta a Espana in 1987.

Now that we have well and truly confirmed to ourselves that cycling and coffee do definitely go together, now let’s answer the question – why am I bothering to write a blog about the relationship of cycling and coffee? Well, the two really do seem to dominate the passions of a bike rider.

For many years now the morning coffee before a long slog of a ride has become commonplace on a Saturday or Sunday for cyclists up and down the country. Whether it is at home or in one of the many cycling cafes that are springing up all over the place, coffee and cycling is a match made in heaven.


Italian based US cyclist Ted King once stated in an interview; 

“Cycling and coffee simply go hand in hand. The first few hours of a ride are fuelled by the morning cup. Easy coffee shop spins are the standard on the cruisy days, no matter if you’re in America, Australia, Italy, Spain, or Belgium. From the amateur through to the professional ranks, seeing a sleek, road bike parked outside of the bike shop just makes sense.”


A couple of weeks ago, CycleSurgery was lucky enough to attend to the London Coffee Festival, the largest and greatest of its kind in the world right here in London. It was clear to see the ‘coffee culture’ influence on Capital right from walking into the festival. As soon as we walked we set to work on finding the best coffee inventions that we thought could give your cycling a boost.


Described as the portable espresso, the Handpresso is the ultimate in ‘coffee-outdoors’ innovation, making great coffee available anywhere. A handheld device that is small and light enough to carry with you anywhere – the Handpresso reaches the 16 bar-pressure to make a great espresso completely manually. We thought this little gadget would be great for long-distance adventure cycling – or if you purely wanted great coffee on your local loop.


Playing on the ‘pressed for time’ pun, Press’d is a great alternative to traditional instant coffee that comes in the form of a ‘squeeze’. 100% pure coffee concentrate that is 100% convenient, the company worked with coffee experts to produce a pure coffee concentrate that preserves the genuine taste and aroma of the best Arabica coffee beans.  You’ll get 16 cups out of one squeezey bottle which makes this a very cost effective instant coffee alternative that you can easily take on your ride.




We were also lucky enough to have a quick word with the brilliant Eliza Southwood, a London based illustrator with a passion for cycling and bases a lot of work around the sport – we will be uploading the full interview with her next week! 



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