Cycle to Work


There are clearly many benefits to cycling to and from work including better fitness, improved wellbeing and sometimes you can even skip the soul destroying traffic queues and reduce your journey time too. But one of the biggest incentives is the money you could save and with the Cycle to Work Scheme you could end up with even more pennies in your pocket. Read on to find out more...


How does the cycle to work scheme work?

If your employer signs up to the Cycle to Work Scheme they can purchase up to £1000 worth of bike equipment on your behalf and then you pay the money back every month over a 12-18 month period. The magic bit is that you pay back the funds from your gross salary (before tax) which in turn reduces your income tax and national insurance, which can save you anything from 25% on the cost of the bike. The bike will be the property of your employer until you have paid back the funds but once you have, you can buy it from them for a nominal fee. 

How do I purchase a bike through the cycle to work scheme?


Your employer will need to sign up to the scheme in order for you to take advantage of these great savings. There are many Cycle to Work Scheme providers out there to choose from and we accept cycle to work vouchers from the scheme providers shown, just click on the images below to check out their sites...