Form +  Function + Design



Innovation, uniqueness and functionality three words that perfectly epitomise the Fabric brand ethos and their mission to create products for the discerning, modern cyclist. Their forward thinking approach and tenacious attitude to testing and improving their design have enabled them to produce a range of pioneering products. Having created award winning saddles for some years now, Fabric have extended their range into lights, multi-tools, pumps and water bottles. 


A Background in Award Winning Product 

The Fabric brand has had a long background in creating forward thinking product. Born out of Charge Bikes and their success with their saddle range, Nick Larsen created Fabric to enable him to continue the success of the Scoop saddle and expand the range in a brand neutral environment. Since the brand launch in 2014, the awards come been coming in thick and fast, confirming Fabric’s position in the industry as being known for bringing simplicity and innovation to cycling


Core Values 

Fabric’s ethos is rider focused. This can be seen through their five core principles of innovation, simplicity, technology, progress and success and commitment to these values when designing and engineering their products. 



Fabric are innovative, there’s no question about that, and their challenge to conventional products is evident throughout their whole range. Through talking to consumers and listening to the needs of the cyclist, studying the competition and innovating through design, Fabric have been able to engineer industry leading products that redesign form and function. 



Time and time again, simplicity reigns supreme when it comes to design, and that’s exactly what Fabric sticks to when it comes to their methodology. Elegant looks, perfect form and ultimate functionality are present in all of their products and all have tangible benefits to the cyclist. 



Advancements in technology happen every day and Fabric are no strangers to keeping up with the times. Their collaboration with aerospace engineering company Airbus when designing the sleek ALM saddle is an example of how Fabric design function and form into technologically forward products. 



Fabric has already seen rapid progress that has seen them grow across the globe. However, the determination behind the brand has pushed their desire for progression. This can be seen in Fabrics 2017 product range and the expansion to create a product for every type of cyclist. Being their most extensive and technically advanced range to date, Fabric have progressed further in this season than they ever have before. 



Something that has come naturally to Fabric is success. Picking up 12 awards for the 2015/16 season, the brand has seen prizes from both a design and innovation perspective from inside the industry and from a customer point of view in the shape of the People’s Choice Award. 


2017 Range 

For the autumn/winter 2017 season, Fabric have significantly extended their range into lights, multi tools, pumps and cageless water bottles. One of the stand out products of the range is the ALM saddle that Fabric have engineered with the help from aviation gurus Airbus Group Innovations. The super clean and minimalist end product that has never been thought possible before has resulted in an ultralight and distinctly unique product.


Fabrics innovation can also be seen in their lighting range, where they have used reactive technology to increase safety and versatility. The FLR30 rear light incorporates an accelerometer which will activate an increased glow when the rider is under braking, therefore alerting drivers behind. Moreover, the FL150 and FL300 front lights can be also be used as a rear light thanks to an auxiliary four LED’s on the top of the light that will glow either red or white. 


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