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Sit back and enjoy our run-through of the year's most epic and awe-inspiring mountain bike films and videos.

The mountain bike media scene has seen non-stop growth for a number of years now, with small, independent videographers and larger scale production companies alike creating truly epic videos and segments that are noticed the world over. Here are four of our favourite awe-inspiring videos from the past year that capture the true essence mountain biking. 

The One Shot - Brandon Semenuk's un-Real Segment 

This cinematic masterpiece was taken in one shot from top to bottom, thanks to some seriously experienced drone handling skills and videography talent. The natural ability that Brandon Semeunk has on a bike, and his smooth style, is beautifully captured in this segment of the longer mountain bike video ‘unReal’ created by Anthill films. We think the true essence of mountain biking comes out in this one-take edit; having fun in epic scenery – perfect!

The One Shot

Film credit: Anthill Films 

A Slice of British Pie – Dirt Magazine

We have a thriving mountain bike scene here in the UK, and one of the best videos that shows it off is the ‘A Slice of British Pie’ series by Dirt Magazine. Giving you in an insight into the riding scene UK wide, you’ll recognise some of the best riders Britain has to offer including Josh Bryceland, Brendan Fairclough, Danny Hart and Phil Atwill. And it's chock full of some true British banter for good measure. 

A Slice of British Pie

Film credit: Dirt Magazine

Danny MacAskill's Wee Day Out

Somewhat of a magician on a trials bike, Danny MacAskill is no stranger when it comes to creating epic and highly imaginative videos. His latest film, ‘Wee Day Out’ is ridden all on his mountain bike and pushes the boundaries even further of what stunts can be done on a full-suspension trail bike. Although not the usual style of riding that you normally see people doing on a bike of this kind, Danny MacAskill’s Wee Day Out is a masterpiece that needs to be watched!

Danny MacAskill's Wee Day Out

Film credit: Red Bull

Dan Atherton Shreds – Dyfi Forest

Known for his natural style and flow across every mountain biking discipline, Dan Atherton is a racing veteran and no stranger to technical and demanding downhill courses. He is also become very well known for his trail-building capabilities and his love for sculpting the ultimate course – something that is represented in this short film. Digging and creating two epic lines in his local area of Dyfi Forest and then riding them for the first time, this edit captures his love for all aspects of the ride. 

Dan Atherton Shreds

Film credit: Atherton Racing 

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