Lady riding a blue Brompton bike with yellow luggage


Here's everything you need to know to pick the right Brompton for you.

Why buy Brompton?

Simply put, the iconic Brompton bike is the bike for city commuting. Its clever design means that it can be unfolded or folded in less than 20 seconds, packing down to a compact 23" x 22.2" x 10.6" size, which can be carried or towed easily and stored almost anywhere.


Brompton’s commitment to quality can be seen at every stage of the production process, from the large in-house team of engineers working to constantly improve design, through to the skilled craftsmen who hand braze, assemble and check each bike.

Skilled craftsmen hand brazing Brompton bike frames

Here at Cycle Surgery, we offer a range of bikes with components carefully selected by our expert buyers, so whatever your jouney, we have to right bike for you. And with our choice of Interest Free Finance payment options, there’s never been a better time to buy Brompton.

Pick your perfect bike

There are lots of customisable features on a Brompton which affect both ride and performance. Here's what you need to be thinking about before you buy.


Handlebars will change the feel of your Bromtpon more than any other feature. Suitability varies depending on the type of riding you're doing, so take a moment to consider the options. When shopping, pay specail attention to the first character of the model name, as this describes the type of handlebar fitted; an S6L has S-type handlebars.


The lower grip height (935mm) and flat-bar design of S-type handlebars will suit those who favour a sporty ride position similar to that of a traditional road bike.


Brompton S-Type handlebars


The original Brompton 'look'. M-type handlebars offer a comfortable, upright riding position with plenty of room for front luggage. 

Brompton M-Type handlebarM


With a choice of two positoins (height 1033mm and 880mm), H-type handlebars are the perfect compramise between S- and M-type. Ideal for those looking to do longer journeys.

Brompton P-Type handlebars


The upright riding position of H-type handlebars won't do anything for your aerodynamics, but they sure do look good.

Brompton H-type handlebars


Brompton offer a choice of four gearings to suit different terrains. When shopping, gearing is represented as the second character of a model number; an S6L bike has 6-speed gearing. 


No faff, no fuss and not alot to go wrong. All you have to do is concentrate on keeping those legs turning, though you may struggle on steep hills. 


Using Brompton's unique derailleur system for near perfect chain-alignment, a second gear makes for easy cruising. 


A robust, fully enclosed gear-hub with three well spaced gears. Perfect for middle to long distance commutes in mildly hilly areas. 


Paired with Brompton's purpose built derailleur system, their wide-range gear hub offers six evenly-spaced gears. Ideal for the touring cyclist looking to ride long distances over very hilly terrain. 

Main frame colour

Choose from over dozen colours including Lime Green, Berry Crush and British Racing Green. 

Lagoon Blue, Red, Racing Green and Ivory and Orange coloured Brompton bikes.

Frame material

There are two frame materials to choose from. 


Standard issue. Steel is used on all Brompton's for the main frame and handlebars - ensuring maximum rigidity and strength - and on all-steel models for the rear traingle and front fork too. 


The high-strength titanium alloy used in place of steel for the rear triangle, front fork and mudguard stays means the bike weighs almost 1kg less than standard all-steel models. A great choice if you expect to be carrying your Brompton alot.

Saddle height

Saddle height is important for both comfort and performance. Make sure you select the right height for your measurements.

Lady riding a blue Brompton bike with S-type handlebars.


Brompton's lightest and shortest seatpost. Built for someone with an inside leg of 33''/84cm and under.


For an inside leg of 33 - 35''/84 - 89cm. The added length means that the saddle protudes an extra 60mm when folded. 


For an inside leg of over 35''/90cm; you've got to be super tall to ride telescopic. 


Suspension is important on a folding bike as the small wheels don't absorb shock as well as full-sized ones. Bromptons use a polyurethane block between the main and rear frame, which eats up lumps and bumps on the road without giving an overly bouncy ride. 


Catering for riders of up to 180lbs, Brompton's standard suspension block gives a smooth and comfortable ride.


For riders of 190lbs+ and those looking to maximise their power transfer and ride faster. If you're used to riding a standard road bike this is probably the right choice for you. 


Brompton offer a range of panniers and saddle bags that are both stylish and functional. A favourite at Cycle Surgery HQ is the front-mounting Brompton Roll Top Shoulder Bag, which doubles as trendy every-day pack.

Man carrying a folded Brompton bike with Brompton Roll Top Shoulder Bag

Special editions


Inspired by the bustling streets of The Big Apple, The New York Edition has a number of unique features including Ergon grips and anodised crank and hubs. It comes with a stylish bag designed in collaboration with NYC based company Vespertine. 


Limited to an initial 2016 run of just 1500 globally, this unique bike is finished with a 50 micron electrolysis nickel plating; giving a vivid reflective finish which is accentuated with contrasting black components. Available in steel or superlight versions.



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