It’s suffice to say, indoor turbo training can be dull, uninspiring and in turn hard to get into or stick to once you’ve bought your trainer. 

For many cyclists however, home training is seen as vital for the upkeep of fitness during the winter months and to make sure they are ride-fit for the beginning of the spring. So, how do you make turbo training more exciting? Well, following our 4 steps should help you inject a bit of fun into your home training regime. 


1 Get Smart 

Smart Trainers are now a staple product from all brands, making the market very competitive. The connected experience you get from these types of trainers is unparalleled and truly enables the user to fully integrate their training regime seamlessly with the smart trainer.


Online platforms such as Zwift go one step further and create a virtual reality experience that increase the in-ride authenticity, and therefore boost the fun factor of sticking to an indoor training programme.



Wahoo KICKR Snap


The convenient, wheel-on design of the KICKR SNAP delivers an easy way to turn any bike in your arsenal into a powerful indoor Smart Trainer. Equipped with a heavyweight flywheel that translates resistance directly and accurately to your legs. 

TACX Vortex Smart Trainer

Wireless and fully connected through the intuitive smart phone app, the Vortex Smart features a unique dual material roller that both increases durability and reduces vibration noise. 

Don’t forget…. 

2 Get serious about data

A fantastic feature that all Smart Trainers boast nowadays is their connectability with bike computers, your phone and data recorders such as heart rate monitors and cadence sensors. This allows you to really get serious about data and record precisely how your performance is improving. Training effectively and recording data are synonymous and vital for those wanting to take their performance to the next level. 




The pinnacle in ride feel, the Wahoo KICKR gives you unparalleled replication of riding on the road thanks to a large flywheel and new algorithms to improve responsiveness. 


Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Traine


Experience a more realistic ride sensation with the only trainer on the market that allows your bike to move with you for a totally immersive experience. 

Don’t forget…. 

3 Ride to a beat 

Music is a must when training on the turbo. The static nature of home training means that it can become quite monotonous, and dare I say it, boring. This means listening to music can cut through the potential boredom, especially if it’s a good tune. Moreover, there have been studies that suggest listening to music actually increases performance, so putting the ear phones in might be more important to your training than you might think. 



CycleOps Fluid 2 Home Trainer

The fluid design of the Fluid 2 trainer from CycleOps and the large precision-balanced flywheel ensure the unit performs to the highest standard with a real-world feel. The direct wheel drive allows any wheel size to be used. 


Tacx Satori Smart Trainer

A fully immersive experience can be found with the Satori Smart Trainer. Compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth, the user will be able to link their bike computer or phone up to the trainer, as well as a heart rate monitor, cadence sensor or speed sensor. 


Minoura B60-D Trainer

Using an on-board dial, the Minoura B60-D Trainer has three levels of resistance through a steel disc flywheel design. Lightweight and transportable, this trainer is a great foray into the world of turbo trainers and ideal for those wanting to transport a trainer to events such as sportives. 


Don’t forget…. 

4 Motivation 

The fourth way to make home training more fun is to do with motivation for the warmer months of spring and summer. Training throughout the winter and keeping up the fitness that was built up over the previous summer means that you will be able to ride in to the warm and sunny months fully fit and consequently will be able to perform better over the summer. 


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