Arguably the two most favourable seasons for cycling, spring and summer, with both offering long, warmer days in the saddle. But the transition from spring into summer, with its temperamental weather can be tricky, especially when it comes to getting your cycling outfit perfect for an all-day ride.

Getting your cycling outfit right when you’re out for a day’s cycling allows for maximum comfort and 100% focus on the ride itself. With the UK weather being so variable, all four seasons can be experienced in one day; but thankfully the vast range of cycle specific clothing on the market provides the right breathability, water and wind-resistance, and sun protection, to ensure you stay the perfect temperature to keep going all day long.


Know Your Baselayers

The first piece of cycling kit to think about is your base layer; the layer of clothing that is in direct contact with your skin. In its most basic form a base layer provides the initial layer of heat insulation allowing for a layer of air to form next to the skin, keeping the body warm.

As the warmer conditions of summer start to emerge,your base layer is still vital  to your outfit, especially if you are setting off early in the morning before the sun is up.  Temperature can vary quite drastically in spring making a short sleeve base layer essential for keeping you at a good riding temperature without overheating.

You base layer must always work to wick away sweat. Riding in the spring will undoubtedly warm up throughout the day, so having a base layer that will take the moisture away from your skin will keep you dry and comfortable all day. Look for baser layers solely aimed at being worn in hot conditions, as these will regulate the air flow throughout the body keeping you cool in hot conditions.


Cycling Jerseys

The next layer to think about  is your  jersey. In the spring to summer transition, it is important to get this is layer right as it can be the difference between being comfortable and uncomfortable.


On a cooler spring day, look for a jersey like the  Castelli Gabba 2 Short Sleeve Jersey. Featuring the revered WINDSTOPPER® technology and branded with the Rosso Corsa label, Castelli’s most premium label, the Gabba 2 is exceptionally breathable and boasts the ultimate weather protection for when the rain draws in. Paired with a set of arm warmers, the Gabba 2 from Castelli proves to be an extremely versatile torso outfit for when the conditions are changeable. If conditions are looking warm and bright, then a standard cycling jersey is a good option.


As spring turns into the (hopefully) warmer days of summer,  a ‘climber’s jersey’ is a good layer. Constructed for hotter conditions and climbers jerseys will keep you cooler for longer. The Spokesman Climbers Jersey proves a great option when looking for a jersey suited to hotter conditions; featuring the innovative Coldblack® technology, it absorbs less heat and stays cool against skin for when the weather gets hot.


Arm and Leg Cycling Warmers

An important addition when riding in spring, arm and leg warmers are  sleeve garments designed to slip over your limbs to provide removable weather protection for riding in varied conditions. Allowing huge versatility, arm and leg warmers, become a vital piece of cycling kit for spring and summer. You can wear them in the morning to brush off the morning chills before easily taking them off when no longer needed.

Generally, there aretwo different types of arm warmers; those that offer wind resistance and those that offer UV ray resistance and are normally a lot thinner. For wind resistance the Castelli Nanoflex Arm Warmers feature Thermoflex technology offering warmth and breathability for  cool rides. If you’re looking for UV protection, then the Mavic UV Sleeves are a good, super lightweight choice


Cycling Outer-Layers

An outer-layer is sadly very necessary when riding in British spring and summer but with adaptable options you’re sure to find the perfect layer for you.

Feature easy to take off sleeves, theThe Mavic Aksium Convertible Jacket is an adaptive jacket that will change to the weather conditions with you giving you the ultimate in versatile performance clothing. Ride with full capacity of the wind resistance and when it becomes too hot, the jacket can be transformed into a gilet to keep warmth where you need it most.

If the forecast is light wind andrain, look for  a low profile wind breaker that can be packed down into a rear jersey pocket when no longer needed. The Adidas Infinity Jacket constructed with active Formation® design features moisture-wicking mesh and lightweight, stretchable fabric with contoured fit giving you the perfect wind and rain resistance to weight ratio.


Don't Forget Your Feet

When cycling, your toes and feet are surprisingly exposed to wind chill and water spray, either due to rain or wet surfaces. Road shoes tend to be quite narrow and tight fitting limiting movement of the toes  increasing your chance of cold feet. . For the transition into summer, consider some toe covers to have on standby in your jersey pocket. These will provide you with just enough warmth without becoming  too hot throughout your ride.


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