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Whyte Bikes at a Glance

Whyte Bikes have long been at the forefront of UK Cycling, but it’s mountain biking where the British brand really excels. We delve into the innovation that’s put a Whyte on every trail in the UK.

Whyte Bikes have a dedicated philosophy of designing their bikes for British conditions. More specifically, they design mountain bikes for British trails. Whyte leave no leaf unturned when it comes to the functionality of their mountain bikes and the details they include to make them as weather resistant as possible. 

The Top Features that make Whyte Bikes

Whyte bikes have a number of features that help make them a perennial favourite amongst British cyclists, contributing to their sleek styling and comfortable riding position.

Tyre Clearance

Making the most of the space between the frame and the tyres means that Whyte can provide increased tyre clearance, perfect for riding in British weather conditions. As we all know, UK trails can get seriously clogged up with mud and sludge, so designing in a generous tyre clearance allows mud to be cleared from the stays and fork much more effectively. 

Internally routed cables + weather proof grommets

All Whyte models feature internally routed cables that are secured in with bespoke rubber grommets to prevent mud and grit from getting down inside the frame. This benefits all disciplines of riding, not just mountain biking, and allows for a well finished and sleek looking bike. 

Get A Grip seat post clamp system 

Whyte have developed their bespoke Get A Grip seat post clamp system to deliver super quick height adjustment, saving time on the trail. This system also incorporates weatherproofing technology to prevent mud and grit from getting down into the internal frame. The Get A Grip system features on all Whyte models that don't come stoked with a dropper seat post.


Whyte have also considered that many cyclists will want to upgrade to an internally routed dropper post, so capabilities to run a stealth dropper seat post can be found on all their mountain bike frames.  

Whyte design bikes that thrive off road

Intergrip integrated seat clamp

Placing the seat clamp integrated into the frame itself allows for far greater weather protection and gives the frame a sleeker profile and finish. This is a feature that appears on all models that come stocked with a dropper seat post. This feature is complimented with a rubber seal around the seat post and seat tube to ensure all mud and water stays well and truly out of the internal frame. Another benefit of the intergrip integrated seat clamp is that it results in a sleek and well finished frame. 

Stealth dropper post integration 

Whyte have chosen to design all their mountain bike frames with internal routing for a dropper seat post, even those that don’t come stocked with one. This means less maintenance, less chance of mechanicals and a sleek looking end finish. 

Single chain ring specific

Whyte were one the first to cotton on the idea of a single chain ring specific frameset. They take the mindset of ‘if it’s not wanted, then it’s not included’, and when you look at the natural progression to 1x12 groupsets, it is easy to see why Whyte have done away with the front mech hanger completely. This is welcomed by the UK market specifically as there aren’t the long climbs of Alpine areas nor the demand for a granny ring at the front. 

Long, low and slack progressive geometry

An early adopter of the long, low and slack geometry, Whyte saw that this would become the industry standard for trail/enduro mountain bikes. By implementing it, Whyte could stay ahead of the curve when it came to handling, the adoption of the 27.5-inch movement and finally the long-travel 29er movement. 

Whyte pride themselves on being right at the cutting edge of Mountain Biking design

Long-travel 29er – a long time coming

It’s felt like a long time coming for Whyte, but the dawn of the long-travek 29er is now on the horizon with the brand releasing their new S-150 for the 2018 season. With all the merits of the much-lauded T-129, Whyte have pulled out all the stops to create something truly next level when it comes to design and capability.


Adaptability was the aim of the game when it came to the Whyte S-150, so in effect, the brand has made this new enduro slayer two bikes in one. On one hand, the S-150 is a 29-inch wheeled enduro monster, capable of carrying speed giving stability throughout the toughest singletrack and Alpine descents. Simply swapping the wheels out and putting a set of 27.5-inch x 2.8 wheels on gives the bike a very different ride characteristic. The larger air volume in the 2.8-inch tyres allows you to run a lower PSI, giving the rider limitless grip and capabilities to ride fast in wet and muddy conditions.


Other features on the Whyte S-150 is a custom Rock Shox Pike with a 42mm off-set which delivers epically smooth steering and takes away any wobble you might get. Developed directly with Rock Shox, this fork compliments the bike superbly and suits the trail/enduro category  the bike is pitched at.


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