Protection + Helmet


Originally exclusive to ski helmets, MIPS (which stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) made its first appearance on the bike scene a couple of years ago, when it was introduced in high-end MTB helmets.

Now that technology has found its way beyond the trails and onto the roads (along with an affordable price tag that makes it accessible to every rider), what are the benefits of MIPS and how does their safety system differ from what’s already available on the market?

The Science of Safety

Making of Synthe MIPS

The brain is protected by fluid which helps to absorb shock and prevent contact with the skull upon impact. MIPS helmet technology has been designed to mimic this natural protection.


All helmets are tested against direct impact, but in reality most impacts occur at an angle. Like the brain, the MIPS Multi-Directional Impact Protection System allows some movement between the outer shell and the layer against the head, absorbing more rotational shock and significantly reducing the risk of concussion.

Key Technical Features

  • Sliding Layer. The low friction liner sits on the head, allowing the helmet to rotate independently to redirect impact.
  • Elastomeric Attachment System. This allows the helmet liner to move on impact. It only moves a few millimetres, but this helps to absorb shock that would otherwise be transferred to the brain.
  • Shell. MIPS technology disperses impact energy by enabling a small amount of movement in-between the sliding layer and the polycarbonate hard shell.


Engineered for the trails and downhill, the Montaro MIPS and Women’s Montara MIPS are equipped with the Roc Loc Air fit system, a sweat-wicking, anti-bacterial brow pad and fully-adjustable P.O.V. Plus visor.

Both helmets are complete with goggle and camera mount integration and strap grippers on the back.

What MIPS Road Bike Helmets are in our Range?


Designed to be aerodynamic in multiple head positions, the Synthe MIPS also includes 26 Wind Tunnel vents to keep your head cool, the Roc Loc Air fit system, to help you easily adjust your helmet for fit and maximum comfort, and Aero Mesh Panels for docking your sunglasses.


Built with the same drafting benefits as the Synthe, the Foray MIPS offers a slimmer design and the Roc Loc 5 fit system, which allows one-handed customisation of comfort.