Two-time Olympic gold medallist and event Ambassador Ed Clancy shares some of his top cycling training tips and explains the benefits of getting a personal bike fit:

1) What Are Your Top Tips For Building Strength and Endurance?


It’s simple – train! There is no secret formula for building up your power and endurance, you just have to train properly and make sure that you are getting the most out of it. For boosting power, try high-cadence training at 20-30 RPM higher than usual. Working at a higher pedalling rate means you can hold a faster speed without draining the energy from your legs.


Getting on the bike every day to do long training sessions is obviously difficult for a lot of people, so indoor sessions are good for high intensity training in a short period of time. It’s more important to get good training and proper recovery in than just pumping out miles with no objective.




2) How Do You Rest and Prepare Your Body For Competition?


In the days leading up to a big race, I’ll start to reduce my workload and riding to make sure my legs and body are at full strength going into the event.


A lot of cyclists like to work in peaks and troughs. That might work well for them, but because we do so much racing I don’t really have the time to build that into my training. My preparation is all about hitting a little peak in the few days before a race and making sure it sticks.




3) What Else Do You Do For Strength and Endurance?


It’s usually strength and conditioning sessions in the gym. I also like to get on the mountain bike to mix up my riding a bit, but unfortunately I don’t get much time.





4) What Are Your Top Tips for Rest and Recovery?


Making sure your bike is set up in the right way can really help with recovery. Constantly changing your position can impact the way your muscles recover, so making sure that the fit is right is crucial!