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Travel smart. Look the part. Here are five of the year’s best new city cycles...

City riding isn't just about getting from A to B - it's about travelling in style. That’s why our carefully curated a range of urban and commuter bikes look the part and deliver on performance too. Here are five of the best as picked by Cycle Surgery Bike Buyer Sam Bannister...

Whyte Glencoe 2018

There aren’t many 2018 bikes that can match the Whyte Glencoe for looks. That matte black aluminium frame with gold detailing and internal cable routing; those classic-look folding tan tyres, as lightweight as they are forgiving; that simple 1x11 drivetrain, oozing efficiency and sophistication; those drop handlebars; that all-black cassette and chainring combo; those rims! It really is a beautiful thing to behold. But it’s more than just a pretty face.

Style and substance

The hydroformed aluminium frame, borrowed from Whyte’s Gravel/Adventure series, features a long and low geometry tuned for maximum stability over rough surfaces and is multi-butted for optimal strength to weight ratio. Combined with lump-and-bump-eating 650b wheels and massive air volume 47c tyres, this gives the Glencoe true ‘all-rounder’ credentials, lending credence to Whyte’s claim that the Glencoe 2018 offers a handling formula with “huge gains in high-speed stability over the roughest of terrain”.  


As you would expect on a bike of this price, the brakes are hydraulic – but, unconventionally, they’re cable operated and work with regular break leavers. The advantage of this is that the pads are easier to set up. And as an added bonus, the pads automatically adjust and move closer to the rotor as they wear down, allowing them to maintain optimal performance throughout their lifespan. Smart.


Whyte Glencoe 2018 | Price: £1,299

Unisex Marin Fairfax SC2 IG 2018

Marin is a relatively young American manufacturer, based in the notoriously hilly county of the same name just across the bay from San Francisco, California. You may not have heard of them, but they’re starting to make serious waves on this side of the Atlantic with their range of high-performance MTBs and no-fuss urban/adventure bikes.  And when looking at the Fairfax SC” IG 2018, it’s easy to see why.


At first glance it might not seem like anything special – just another reasonably priced flatbar leisure bike. But closer inspection reveals a number of small innovations that set the Fairfax apart from other bikes in its class.


For one, the Fairfax SC2 IG 2018 uses an 8-speed Shimano Nexus internal gear hub. Hub gearing is a much-underused feature on urban bikes as dependability (hub gearing requires less maintenance than a derailleur setup) and tidiness (no oily cassette to sully your nice clean slacks) are attributes that lend themselves perfectly to commuting. 

All-day comfort

The lightweight frame is forged from 6061 Aluminium and features horizontal dropouts for a rack and mudguards. Marin’s ergonomically designed Fitness Plus saddle is used in conjunction with a relaxed frame geometry to provide a comfortable, upright riding experience – so you can look forward to jumping on your Fairfax even after a long day at the office.


Marin Fairfax SC2 IG 2018 | Price: £550

Brompton Barbour Edition

Barbour is an iconic British brand with a rich heritage of designing stylish, innovative and practical lifestyle products. So as a partnership, Barbour and Brompton fit together like proverbial hand in proverbial glove.  


The bike itself is a standard Brompton, with M-type handlebars and 6-speed gearing, finished in iconic Gloss Barbour Green. It comes equipped with a generously sized Tarras bag made using Barbour’s signature waxed cotton, which can be fitted to the front of the bike or easily carried using a shoulder strap. The brown Brooks B17 saddle provides a final touch classic styling. 

Get the look

As part of the Barbour Brompton x project, Brompton and Barbour have also collaborated on a range of jackets. The Merton (for men) and Bromley jackets (for women) are classic and functional wax jackets re-imagined for cyclists, with four large storage pockets, a mesh lining for improved breathability, reflective strips on the collar, and zipped vents under-arm and to the rear.


Brompton Barbour Edition 2018 | £1,350

Specialized Elite Alloy Women’s 2018

If you’re looking for the perfect two-wheeled companion to commute, improve your fitness, or just enjoy a leisurely park ride with, then the Specialized Elite Alloy Women’s 2018 is the bike for you. 

Women's specific geometry

If you’re looking for the perfect two-wheeled companion to commute, improve your fitness, or just enjoy a leisurely park ride with, then the Specialized Elite Alloy Women’s 2018 is the bike for you.


The frame is the culmination of years of research and development by Specialized’s dedicated Body Geometry team. It combines components and geometry custom engineered to work with a woman’s body geometry to deliver a comfortable ride without compromising on efficiency.


The lightweight carbon fibre fork - a feature borrowed from Specialized’s prestigious road bikes range and something not often seen at this price-point – flexes to absorb ‘chatter’ from the road and further improve the smoothness of the ride. 


Specialized Elie Alloy Women’s 2018 | Price: £900

Whyte Whitechapel 2018

Built around a simple 1x9 gearset, the Whyte Whitechapel 2018 is a no-fuss, fast-urban bike engineered to help you easily negotiate traffic then turn on the afterburners for open stretches. One shifter, one gear mech, one cog and one chainset means that there’s very little to go wrong mechanically – so if you want to use ‘bike problems’ as an excuse for being late to work, don’t tell your colleagues that you ride a Whitechapel.


Based on Whyte’s award-winning mountain bike geometry, the Whitechapel features a long wheelbase for improved high-speed stability and a relaxed 70-degree head angle for excellent slow-speed manoeuvrability. The steep 73.5-degree seat angle, more commonly seen on road bikes, creates a riding position that helps you to push down hard on the pedals, driving maximum power through the cranks. 

One-finger braking

Deep-rim, disc brake-specific wheels are used in partnership with a Tektro HD-M285 single-digit modulated hydraulic braking system – which is a fancy way of saying that you can stop, fast, using just a single finger on the brake lever.


Sealed internal cable routing, reflective detailing on the frame and rims, and mounts for a rack and mudguards add icing to the cake, while bump-eating 700 x 32c tyres with Puncture Protection provide the cherry on top and firmly cement the Whitechapel’s place amongst the best performing hybrid road bikes of 2018. And when you factor in the price, it might just be the best – we certainly think so.


Whyte Whitechapel 2018 | Price: £599

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