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Say goodbye to bruised backsides. Revolutionary new fitting system makes choosing the right saddle a breeze

Many of us have been there, you upgrade your stock saddle only to find the band new, carbon railed beauty of a saddle you bought is seriously lightweight, but seriously uncomfortable. This is not the ideal situation, and although our store staff will do anything they can get you on the right saddle, when you’re at home it’s not so easy to get the correct fit for your backside… until now! 


Fi’zi:k have been in the saddle game for a long time now so they know what makes a good saddle, and now, their innovation has spilled over into making sure you get the correct fit. With the release of their industry pioneering app you’ll be able to find the right saddle for you in three simple steps. It’s called the Spine Concept and is built around these three main body types/flexibilities:


The Snake

A highly flexible cyclist needs a flat saddle so they can get into a tucked ‘aero position’. This body fit is used by Geraint Thomas, Team Sky. 


The Chameleon

A cyclist with medium flexibility and low pelvic rotation whom requires an in-between saddle. The body fit of Chris Froome, Team Sky. 


The Bull

The most waved saddle for lower flexible cyclists with high pelvic rotation. This saddle is used by Bernard Eisel, Team Dimension Data. 





What is Spine Concept?

The concept is a simple one – you will fall into one of three categories, either Snake, Chameleon or Bull that are detailed above. There is an associated saddle for your body type that will aid your performance and let you get the most out of your ride. The Spine Concept saddles are:



Find your saddle type easily with the intuitive app

What makes the Spine Concept so easy to use is their second-generation intuitive app. The app works out what saddle category you fall into (either Snake, Chameleon or Bull) and then attributes that fit to a saddle. There are three simple steps to the app in working out your body fit and they are as follows: 


  1. Firstly, stand upright and hold your phone on your chest with the screen facing forward and press calculate.
  2. The app will calibrate for 3 seconds (with a beep for each second), straight after the last beep; bend forward as far as comfortable for you, until you hear another beep.
  3. The app will now have measured your flexibility and pelvic rotation to determine whether you’re a Snake, Chameleon or Bull and suggest the right saddle for you. 

What will the different saddle types give you? 


Once you have completed the app measurement, if it determines you as a Snake body profile you’ll be wanting a saddle from the Arione range. Offering a flat saddle and boasting the longest overall length on the market, the Arione allows the most flexible of riders to get into a tucked and aero position and keep you there for ultimate performance. With a carbon shell and K:ium rails, the Arione R3 also boasts low weight and a Thermowelded Microtex offers fantastic comfort for all day rides.


Ensuring enhanced comfort and ultimate performance, the Antares is built around Wing Flex technology which enables those cyclists who have a medium flexibility to get the most out of their ride. With a Carbon Kevlar thermoplastic shell construction and Wing Flex technology allowing for greater saddle flex than the Arione, the Antares is saddle designed for, and used by, the world’s very best pro-racers. 


For those who come out as a ‘Bull’ body fit then the Aliante range of saddles is for you. This saddle offers the most longitudinal wave in the Spine Concept range, giving a powerful and agile ride to those cyclists who are slightly less flexible. Featuring a carbon shell construction and comfortable Thermowelded Microtex cover, the Aliante R3 is made for the serious cyclist wanting to take their passion to the next level. 

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