Six week road cycling training program


Our easy-to-follow plan is guaranteed to have you road-fit in just six weeks

We’ve teamed up with and Sports Scientist Elliot Lipski from Trainsharp to put together a six-week cycling training program covering all the basics, from balance to strength and endurance. So whether you’re eyeing up a 100-mile sportive or just trying to get the edge over friends, our plan is guaranteed to take your riding to the next level. 

"Sounds good. But I'm busy, I don't have a lot of spare time..."

Not a problem. We’ve designed the program to fit around a busy lifestyle; you’ll only need to commit to three to four hours a week spread over two sessions. 

Understanding the program


Cycling training: Zones one to six


You might have heard before that you can calculate your maximum heart rate by subtracting your age from 220. This works for some people but it’s a broad brush approach. A much better and precise way is to do a max. heart rate test - for which you’ll need a heart rate monitor.


Beware though, It’s a tough test and we advise that you consult a medical professional before giving it a go:

  1. Find a reasonably short hill near you, say 500m long.
  2. Scope out a landmark 100m from the top that you can easily recognise.
  3. After a proper warmup of at least 15 minutes, ride the hill as fast as you can, then sprint for the top when you reach the 100m to go marker.
  4. Recover, and then do it again twice more, with a 5-minute recovery between each attempt.
  5. The heart rate you register during those efforts will be a good indicator of where your maximum is.


Functional Threshold power, or FTP, is the maximum power you can sustain over a sixty-minute period. In order to determine yours, we recommend using a turbo trainer, though the test can be done on the road - just be sure to choose a relatively flat, traffic-free stretch. If you own a power meter, to find your FTP simply take 95% of your average power for the 20-minute testing section; if you don’t own a power meter you can track your progress by comparing the distance you cover from one session to another. 


TOP TIP: Ride the effort like a time trial; don’t explode into it, try to keep it consistent.

Cycle training FTP training test



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