Suspension Type

Hardtail = Bikes with no rear suspension, only a front suspension fork. These are simpler, easier to maintain and are more light-weight.

Full Suspension = Bikes with a front suspension fork and a rear shock. These will give you confidence and handling for tougher cross country riding.

Mountain Bike Type

Trail = Short travel bikes that can handle the tougher trails

Enduro = Bikes that combine climbing capabilities with the stability and manoeuvrability

Leisure = The best entry-level mountain bikes

Electric = Power-assisted mountain bikes

Road Bike Type

Endurance = Sportive bikes with maximum stability and comfort

Race = Built to deliver maximum power transfer and speed

Fitness = The best entry-level road bikes

Touring = Made for long distance rides over varied terrain

Electric = Power-assisted road bikes

Urban Bike Type

Fast Hybrid = Commute-friendly, high-performance city cycles

Comfort Hybrid = Perfect for a short trips and daily commutes

Cyclocross = The ultimate all-terrain urban ride

Electric = Power-assisted urban bikes

Singlespeed = Simplified, zero-fuss urban road bikes with only one gear

Women's Specific

Compact bikes designed with women in mind