Our story, and what we stand for

It all began in London...

Cycle Surgery formed in 1992 as a bicycle workshop in a basement in Horsell Road (Islington N7). With the growing number of people being drawn to cycling by the Mountain Bike boom during the late 80's early 90's, Stephen Swinton and Ben Cater (the original partners) seized on a gap in the market for servicing and repairs not being delivered by other cycle retailers in London.


The strength of the idea and their commitment to quality workmanship meant word of the new cycle workshop spread very quickly amongst dispatch riders and the mountain bike community and the company quickly became a thriving destination for London cyclists.


That ethos still very much resides now, and since 1992, Cycle Surgery has achieved a strong and respected position in the cycling market. With stores nationwide offering the best brands in road, mountain bike and commute cycling, Cycle Surgery has close ties with competitive and community cycling organisations which keeps us at the forefront of the industry.

Our philosophy

Before selecting a single brand, a single bike, garment or accessory, we think about the single most important thing: Why We Ride.


Some ride to push their limits, to pace themselves against others and to scrutinize their performance data. All in the name of the experience to giving everything they've got to the ride.


Some ride for the overwhelming sense of escapism that is found in the woods, on the side of a mountain or a stretching piece of tarmac, where our minds are allowed to be free and we can focus one thing, the ride.


Some ride to work to beat the system and to take control of their daily commute, they know the smartest way is by bike and they enjoy the health benefits that cycling brings.


Why ever you ride, whether it is for, setting your own personal challenges, clearing your mind, beating the system and taking control... we share your passion.


Your journey with us

Search for your next adventure 


Love the outdoors?  Love a new challenge?  Love great kit?  We’ve got the role for you. We’re on a journey to find like-minded people to join our team of enthusiastic, knowledgeable and authentic experts. Our journey could soon become yours.