Our story, and what we stand for

A Passion for Workmanship

Cycle Surgery began in 1992, as a bike workshop in Islington. As more and more Londoners turned to mountain bikes, Stephen Swinton and Ben Cater stepped in to offer the kind of servicing and repairs people just couldn’t get elsewhere. Before long, their workshop had become a thriving destination for London’s cyclists. Our founders’ passion for quality workmanship still drives us today, with stores nationwide offering servicing and repairs, as well as the very best brands in road, mountain and urban cycling.

All for the Ride

Every cog, every screw, every shifts of the gears. Gearing up, getting out and helping you to join in. We do it all with one thing in mind: the ride. Using our experience on the bike, in the workshop and everywhere in between, we bring you all the best brands, the latest bikes, clothing, accessories and technology – everything you need to make your next ride your best yet. We’ve got the knowledge, the expertise to get you out there and the tools when you can’t. It’s the experience, it’s getting it right, it’s everything we can, all for the ride.


Wherever you ride

For some, it’s about pushing your limits. Performance scrutiny and pacing against others, all for the experience of giving everything you’ve got to the ride. Others ride to escape: to the woods, to the mountain or just the long stretch of tarmac, where the mind is free to focus on nothing but the ride. And some are simply taking control of the daily commute, outsmarting the traffic and getting there in style. Whatever your ride looks like, we share your passion and are here to make every ride your best yet.